Antarcicans - 3d Render - Size 1 (1)

Gavin Pennings and his wife, Noila, have exhausted all options searching for a treatment for their son, Joshua. Depraved personalities are battling for supremacy in the teenager’s mind, pushing him to the brink of suicide. In desperation, Gavin tracks down Lucifer, realizing he may be his last hope for finding a cure for Joshua.

When Gavin meets Lucifer, he finds he’s nothing like the cloven-hoofed Satan he learned about in his seminary training. In fact, he’s quite affable and seems genuinely interested in helping Joshua. But Gavin is sure he isn’t seeing the whole picture.

Soon, Gavin and his family are split between Lucifer’s massive aircraft carrier off the coast of South Florida and Chimeruth Village, a mysterious Antarctican outpost on the Getz Ice Shelf, a place inhabited by strange creatures and futuristic technology. Before they know it, Gavin, Noila, and Joshua are embroiled in Lucifer’s monumental quest to save the world. When Lucifer reveals his final hand, however, and demands something from the family in exchange for the help he provided, someone will not make it home…


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