Dark - 3d Render - Size 1 (1)

In the 25th century, Earth is a place where countries and borders no longer exist and every citizen is required to be physically connected to a global information system called the Consciousness.

President Haakon has recently been voted out of office after a three-year run. But he knows what many of Earth’s citizens don’t—that unseen forces are pushing civilization in a direction in which humans will become subservient to androids. Haakon’s presidential successor, Mertea, an android herself, ran on a platform of connecting Earth and Mars to function as one system.

Before the final connection is made between the two worlds, Haakon assembles a small but brilliant team to take advantage of a weakness that the union of these planets will create. The team will have just one shot at getting him reelected this way by exploiting the weakness and their actions could have unintended consequences. Can Haakon and his accomplices pull off the greatest political heist of the century or will they lead humanity toward a deadly future they never dreamed possible?


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