Aeon - 3D Render - Size 4

Melody Parifallo thought usurping Earth’s latest election to put President Haakon back in office was the right thing to do. She believed that she knew better than the Majesty and that breaking the one unbreakable law—“Obey the vote”—would go unnoticed.

But the consequences came hard and fast as the Consciousness shut down and civilization plunged into darkness. Now the human race’s survival rests once again with the Majesty. When she activates her royal army to launch an orderly yet callous evacuation of Earth, she chooses only citizens whose genetic makeup uniquely qualifies them to populate a new planet. They are the lucky GenoSettis, and the Majesty has chosen Melody to lead them.
Aboard the vast starship HOPE, one million survivors embark on a journey to the edge of the solar system, where their new home awaits. What they find, however, is not a neat replication of Earth, focused on human needs, but a world programmed at its very core to deceive and manipulate while various factions of world builders fight for control of their own destinies.

Melody finds herself in the crosshairs of a species war that will push her beyond her limits to lead the GenoSettis, to decipher the mysteries of her past, and to decide what value can be placed on each life she represents.


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